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Generate professional, human-quality content ideas through A.I. from Makecopy!

It's hard to be creative all the time!

That’s why we created Makecopy! An artificial intelligence that has been specifically trained to write professional copy for ads, social media posts, blog articles, SEO, news and more.

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Generate professional texts and human-quality content through AI from Makecopy!

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Who is Makecopy for?


Produce persuasive marketing and sales copy quickly.


Write unique articles with just one click using our AI tool

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Get caption and post ideas in minutes.


Your post generator to create content perfect for any niche.

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Automate content marketing tasks through artificial intelligence.


Create the best ads for your products and services


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What Can You Create With Makecopy?

Texts generated by Makecopy:

With Makecopy you will be able to:

  • Create professional advertising texts for social media ads and posts;
  • Generate blog articles and website content, based on the keywords you choose;
  • Create news and content for social media to keep your followers up to date;
  • Produce content for marketing emails to increase click-through and conversion rates;
  • Writing SEO texts to ensure that your site always ranks well in search engines.

Our pricing


$10 /month

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$29 /month


$59 /month


Here we try to answer some of the main questions we receive most frequently from our users and customers.

Makecopy uses state-of-the-art GPT-3 based language models (provided by OpenAI) that have been trained on large parts of the Internet to predict the probability of the next word in an input scenario. We train these models for each use case using our own training data layer and writing formulas like AIDA, PAS, FAB and more.

Credits are the number of characters you type in the input fields plus the number of characters the AI returns in the generated content.

In other words, credits are basically the number of characters you can generate or process per month on your current plan.

We offer 1500 credits on our 2-day free plan when you create an account.

If you liked the results and want to generate more characters, just upgrade to a paid monthly plan starting at $10/month

When you buy a plan, you activate a monthly subscription where every 30 days the value of the plan will be deducted from your credit card. We use for payment processing, we do not store your credit card information in our system.

Yes, as soon as you purchase a plan, you will see the cancel button in the same place you subscribed to it.

Credits are non-cumulative, meaning if you haven’t used all of your credit within 30 days, you won’t be able to use those credits after 30 days. And when your subscription is renewed, the amount of credits related to your contracted plan will be activated.

Absolutely, Makecopy will generate unique content for the most part. For example, when you generate 3 outputs for any use case (trained model), Makecopy receives the input data 3 separate times. Each will return with a different output.

That said, once it’s trained on web data, the AI language is prone to showing output at times that can be duplicated, especially in the context of short-form content.

We also plan to add a native plagiarism checker to test the authenticity of content and make appropriate changes when necessary. (It’s in our future update roadmap)

But in general, our advice is to treat the output provided as raw ideas/suggestions that need some additional work before they can be shared.

We expect users to review and edit the outputs before publishing anywhere.

Given the nature of the AI language, there will always be cases where you get incomplete, meaningless, or sometimes downright nonsensical output from the model.

You can report the quality of the output by sending an email to [email protected] or [email protected]

By following the suggested placeholder text in each use case (template), you can minimize the chances of getting those cases and increase the overall quality of the output.

Also, try to reduce the number of points you want to write about, for example, instead of “8 ways…”, just send “3 ways…” at a time.

You can also adjust the entry to ensure it makes sense and follows the suggested placeholder text. We are continually working to improve the output quality and resolve some of the issues. While some of this is beyond our control, we are definitely adding interventions wherever possible to ensure the output is as refined as possible.

No, that is not what Makecopy is intended for.

It’s a tool for creative writing and we expect users to spend some time editing and refining the outputs to ensure the quality is up to par.

We use Stripe for payment processing – it’s one of the best and most secure payment processors in the world. Your card details are never stored with us and are completely secure.

Stripe needs a valid card on file to charge a recurring subscription. If you don’t want to be automatically charged for the next cycle, just let us know at [email protected] after subscribing and we’ll be happy to look into it.

We allow everyone to try all our features with a 2-day free plan with 1500 credits, no upgrade obligation.

Unfortunately, once you have signed up for a paid plan, we are unable to issue a refund as this could lead to possible misuse and abuse of our services.

We’ve seen many instances of service abuse in the past where customers generated too much content for their one-off needs and canceled the plan, leaving us with a huge bill to pay. We incur OpenAI costs for each generation and therefore we need to have certain policies in place so that we can support ourselves.

The threshold is set by OpenAI (our AI language API provider) and we have to adhere to their guidelines.

We are not intended to be some kind of open spintax tool that will allow you to rewrite or create full articles by simply copying and pasting some text!

These types of tools are not based on the next-generation language AI engine such as GPT-3 and are therefore less versatile and flexible to meet user needs. Of course, GPT-3 is much more capable than these tools, but with great power comes great responsibility, and we have to ensure that the technology is not used for unethical or sensitive use cases.

There are over 20 use cases (Trained Models) already supported by Makecopy and many other exciting features are in the works.

Makecopy does not claim any copyright in the content generated for you or your end users. You should be able to use it however you want, but you are responsible for ensuring its authenticity before publishing it anywhere.


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